(1) Are the bins easy access?

Most skips have a door for easy access.

(2) Do you recycle?

Others may claim to recycle but we are one of a limited few who are Department of Environment and Conservation (D.E.C.) licensed to operate as a sorting and separation center in the Perth Metro area, License number L8634/2012/1.

(3) What can I recycle?

Products that are recycled are: scrap metal, bricks and concrete, sand, timber (untreated), cardboard, paper and plastic (not PVC).

(4) Do I have to separate my waste from my recycling?

All waste can be mixed in our bins; you do not need to segregate rubbish.

(5) Are you envirnomentally conscious?

We do not just dump our waste at landfill.

(6) How much notice do I have to give to request a bin?

Skips can be supplied with (1) one days’ notice.

(7) What kind of waste do you NOT accept?

Though we take most rubbish we do not accept: ASBESTOS, CAR TYRES, LIQUID WASTE (oil and paint) or any hazardous material.

(8) How long can I hire the bin for?

Skips are supplied for up to a week (7 days) for household and domestic waste. Builders and commercial clients' hire period are negotiated at time of order.

(9)  What days can I receive a bin delivery?

Delivery days for skips are Monday through to Saturday.

(10) Are you a local or national company?

We are proudly West Australian owned and operated..